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The Simpsons (1989) - 5x08 - Boy Scoutz N' The Hood

Plot Outline
Homer drops a peanut and finds $20 while looking for it under the couch. It later flies out the window, into the possession of Bart and Milhouse. They buy a very sugary beverage from Apu, and run wild in downtown Springfield. Bart wakes with no memory of his journey, soon finding out that he has joined the Junior Campers. This is a group of nerds at school, but soon Bart fits right in with them as they get out of quizzes and get to play with knives. There is a father-son outing, and Bart and Homer go together. Their relationship is not very good at the time, and they end up on a raft with the Flanderesses. As usual Homer screws up and they journey into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and nearly starve to death. The rest of the Junior Campers end up in a sequence out of "Deliverance." Homer, Bart, and the Flanders smell hamburgers and come across a fast food place on an offshore oil rig.

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