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The Simpsons (1989) - 5x09 - The Last Temptation Of Homer

Plot Outline
Bart and Milhouse pull a prank at school and Bart discovers that his vision is worsening. At the power plant, Mr. Burns violates labor laws, so he has to hire a woman. Bart has a lazy eye, so he has to wear big Harry Carey style glasses. He also has to use salve on his scalp, wear big, clumsy shoes, and use a weird throat spray. The plant workers meet Mindy, the new employee and Homer falls for her instantly. Bart looks like a nerd and everyone is picking on him. Homer is daydreaming about Mindy and he asks for advice on how to get rid of his fantasies. As he gets to know Mindy, he gets even more infatuated with her. She is just like him and she likes him, too. Homer tries unsuccessfully to avoid her, since everything reminds him of her. There seems to be no reason not to make love to her. Bart's troubles lead him to a secret society of nerds. Homer decides to talk to Mindy to try to clear the air, but the situation is complicated when Mr. Burns sends the two of them on a business trip together and they share adjoining rooms. Bart is able to return to his non-nerd self, but the bullies still pick on him anyway. Homer is having trouble avoiding temptation and Mindy is ripe for the picking. He manages to turn her down and invites Marge to his hotel room. She finds a turkey behind the bed, sweetening his decision not to cheat on her.

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