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The Simpsons (1989) - 5x10 - $pringfield (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Legalized Gambling)

Plot Outline
Decades ago, Abe and Jasper watch a newsreel. In today's Springfield, much has changed for the worse. Henry Kissinger visits Mr. Burns at the plant and drops his glasses in the toilet. Homer comes upon them and starts wearing them, thinking that they will make him smarter. Kent Brockman does a story on rising unemployment. The town has a meeting to solve their problems. They decide to legalize casino gambling. In a shock to everyone, Marge has no moral objection to this. Mr. Burns builds a casino on the waterfront. He remembers his old times on the waterfront and chuckles for old days at the thought of crippling an Irishman. People pitch ideas for the casino's theme. Mr. Burns is unsatisfied, so he names it Mr. Burns' Casino. Lisa has an upcoming project due, in which she has to dress up as the state of Florida; Marge promises to help her. Homer becomes a dealer at the casino. Bart gambles at the casino, but security kicks him out. So Bart decides to start his own casino in the tree house. Marge goes to see Homer at the casino and she and Homer start to argue. In a bizarre twist, she starts playing the slot machines and stops paying attention to her children. Mr. Burns watches the casino on security cameras and he starts to become afraid of germs a la Howard Hughes. Back at the Simpson home, Marge has not returned home for a week and Lisa has not started working on her project. Homer has run out of food and is terrible at taking care of the kids. Mr. Burns designs an airplane and has clearly gone insane. Marge finally returns home to find the house in shambles. She promises to help Lisa with the costume for the geography pageant. Bart gets Robert Goulet to perform at his tree house casino. Unfortunately Marge returns to the slots; leaving Homer to help Lisa with her costume. He makes her one that says "Floreda." He finally realizes that Marge has a gambling problem and he goes to see her. He raises hell at the casino and Marge finally admits that she has a problem and vows to quit.

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