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The Simpsons (1989) - 5x22 - Secrets Of A Successful Marriage

Plot Outline
Homer plays poker with the guys and as usual, he wins without realizing it. Carl says Homer is a little slow. The next morning he talks to the family about it. He realizes that he indeed might be a little on the slow side. Marge recommends that he take an adult education course. He marches down to the adult education annex, where Lenny is teaching people how to spit. That makes Homer realize that he can be a teacher. When he talks to the head guy, he finds that there is an opening for a class on having a successful marriage. Homer thinks he can get away with anything as a teacher. When he stands before his class, he has absolutely no lesson plan. Class members tell him about their problems, hoping for advice, but Homer has none to offer. The class collectively gets up to leave, but they stay when Homer starts to gossip about Marge. Marge discovers this when everyone in the town knows her personal secrets. She confronts Homer about it and he promises to stop, but he goes on telling her secrets anyway. He has the class come to watch Homer and the family's interaction during dinner. The kids and Marge are horrified. Marge kicks the class out...including Homer. Homeless, he camps out in Bart's tree house. Bart and Milhouse find Homer scrubbing his underwear the next day. Marge doesn't want to divorce him, but she is incredibly angry. Homer creates a replacement for Marge. It is a plant with a paper plate for a face. He accidentally destroys it and longs for the flesh Marge again. Moe comes by to declare his interest in Marge. She turns him down, but invites him in for a glass of water. Homer comes into the house with flowers he picked. When Moe sees him, he jumps out the window. Marge decides to take Homer back because he is so pathetic. His clothes are in tatters after one day without her and he is filthy. The family is glad to have him back, even if Moe isn't.

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