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The Simpsons (1989) - 6x04 - Itchy & Scratchy Land

Plot Outline
Bart and Lisa see an advertisement for a new theme park, "Itchy & Scratchyland". They beg their parents to go, but Marge resists. She remembers all the times that Homer has ruined family vacations. Eventually she caves in and they hit the road. The park is very violent, raising Marge's old concerns. There are robot parades and terrifying rides. Homer and Marge agree to split up with Bart and Lisa. When some slack-jawed yokel takes a picture of a robot, it goes crazy and starts running amok. Security captures Bart after he abuses the costumed Itchy characters. When they put him in a cell, he sees Homer there. Homer is in for the same crime. The robots in the park all start to malfunction and go crazy. When security frees Homer and Bart, they get in a confrontation with the robots. Everyone else has left the park, so it's up to them to win back the theme park. They use cameras to beat the robots. The Simpson family returns home unscathed and watch an "Itchy & Scratchy" cartoon.

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