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The Simpsons (1989) - 6x09 - Homer Badman

Plot Outline
After hiring a feminist babysitter, Homer and Marge go to a candy trade show. They smuggle out candy for the kids. Homer steals a rare piece of candy, but he can't find it when he gets home. When he gives the babysitter a ride home he sees the candy stuck to her posterior. When he grabs for it, she screams and runs away. He awakes the next morning to find protestors on his lawn and the babysitter leads them in a sexual harassment campaign. They make Homer's life a living hell. Homer does an interview for a tabloid TV show thinking that America will hear his case, but all they hear is what a complete jerk he is. FOX does a TV movie about him and he is depicted even worse in this portrayal. The news has around-the-clock coverage of the situation. The Simpson family does a public access show to clear his name, but it does not help his cause. Willie comes to Homer and shows him a video that he recorded of the night in question. Homer shows the babysitter and she realizes that she was wrong about him being an ass-grabber and the news admits that it was wrong about him, too. With all the forgiveness going on, Homer makes up with his TV set.

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