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The Simpsons (1989) - 6x11 - Fear Of Flying

Plot Outline
Homer gets banned from Moe's and while searching for a new place "where everybody knows his name" stumbles into an airport bar and ends up almost flying a plane after being mistaken for a pilot. The airline gives him free airline tickets so he won't tell anyone. He takes the family and Marge goes nutso on the plane. Back at home, she starts acting really crazy. Lisa wants her to go into therapy, but Homer is reluctant. He is afraid a shrink will tell Marge to leave him. He rents some videos for her, so she won't have to go into therapy. They are "Hero," "Fearless," and "Alive." Soon afterward she goes into therapy, which reveals that she's repressed something she saw her father do when she was a young girl. It turns out her father was a stewardess.

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