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The Simpsons (1989) - 6x15 - Homie The Clown

Plot Outline
Onstage, Krusty entertains children with his antics on television; offstage, he spends money like a madman. Fat Tony shows up to his office and demands the money he is owed. Krusty has been gambling and his various products have been highly unsuccessful. At his accountant's advice him to regionalize, Krusty establishes a Clown College. Homer sees the billboard advertising the school and cannot get it out of his head. He starts seeing clowns everywhere. He even shapes his mashed potatoes into a clown tent. He enrolls in the classes. Krusty is his teacher, who gives absurd lectures, but Homer actually pays attention; although he can't seem to get the hang of Krusty's trademark trick with a small bicycle. Graduation day arrives. Graduates will serve as Krusty's doubles in regional promotions. Homer gets to do Springfield. He opens new fast food restaurants, performs at birthday parties, and co-hosts the "Ace" cable awards. Homer begins to dislike his new career and decides to quit, but then he realizes that looking like Krusty may have his advantages. He can get out of speeding tickets, get discounts from Apu, and get good deals at restaurants. Meanwhile, Krusty is making more foolish bets, such as betting everything against the Harlem Globetrotters. The mob takes over at the clown college. Fat Tony threatens to kill Krusty, but Krusty escapes. He goes with his capos to find Krusty. Meanwhile Homer, dressed as Krusty, is trying to get a good deal on a car. They keep trying to shoot him, but luckily for him, they miss. The real Krusty has plastic surgery, but he looks the same (except for his breasts). The mob kidnaps Homer and takes him to Don Vittorio, where they plan to kill him. They say they won't if he can do the bicycle trick. Krusty comes just in the nick of time and Homer and Krusty both do the trick together to avoid their execution. Don Vittorio and Krusty settle the outstanding debt.

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