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The Simpsons (1989) - 6x17 - Homer vs. Patty And Selma

Plot Outline
Homer invests in pumpkins and loses all his money. Bart is late for school, so he isn't able to sign up for the physical education class that he wants, the only class left is ballet. Homer struggles to pay his debts. Patty and Selma recently got promotions and raises at work and despite his blinding hatred for them; Homer asks Patty and Selma to lend him money. He can't let Marge know, so they blackmail and torture him. Bart finds that he has a knack for ballet and he learns to love it. Marge's sisters really push Homer's buttons but when Marge finds out, Homer feels ashamed. Bart feels a little ashamed, too, about his new talent. Homer decides to become a chauffeur to earn money and pay back his debt and one of his fares is Mel Brooks. When he gets pulled over, Chief Wiggum discovers that Homer has no chauffeur's license. Homer has to go to the DMV where Patty and Selma work. Bart performs in front of his school and bullies beat him up afterward. Homer has to take a driving test with Marge's sisters and they flunk him. After failing him, they light up cigarettes in the afterglow. While this would cost them their promotions, since they work in a government building, Homer saves them by saying they are his cigarettes. He tells them that he did it for Marge, because fighting with them is so hard on her. In appreciation for saving their jobs, they call off the debt.

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