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The Simpsons (1989) - 6x23 - Springfield Connection

Plot Outline
Homer and Marge listen to some classical music at an outdoor concert. On their way home, Marge stops a thief (Snake) when she gets a surge of adrenaline. She soon finds that her life isn't thrilling enough. She looks for ways to fill the void and decides to join the police department. Homer is a little insecure about this. When she trains, she finds that Chief Wiggum does not take her seriously. She passes training and starts her new career. It stresses her out, especially with all the corruption. She wants to clean up the town, but it is so difficult. Her first major stand comes against Homer after he disrespects her in public and to his horror, she sticks him in jail. Homer has his poker buddies over after his release and one of them, Herman, uses Homer's car hole (garage) for storing counterfeit jeans. When Homer figures this out, Herman takes him hostage. Marge saves him and wants to arrest Herman. When her backup shows up, the other cops take the jeans and refuse to harm Herman. This last bit of corruption is enough to make Marge quit. The episode closes with a musical homage to Hill Street Blues.

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