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The Simpsons (1989) - 7x02 - Radioactive Man

Plot Outline
Bart and Milhouse are huge fans of Radioactive Man. Comic Book Guy tells them that they are filming an upcoming movie version in Springfield. They both want to audition for the part of Fallout Boy. Bart would get the part, but he is an inch too short and Milhouse is selected instead. Bart is jealous, but he decides to remain his Milhouse's friend. Milhouse hates acting, after he finds out that working in film isn't all that glamorous or exciting, so he ditches the role and leaves the set. Bart finds him in the tree house and Mickey Rooney comes to talk to him there, but Milhouse won't go back. The producers shut down production after this setback and return to Hollywood. Hollywood takes care of them now that they are out of the uncaring, self-absorbed Springfield.

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