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The Simpsons (1989) - 7x07 - King-Size Homer

Plot Outline
Homer tries everything to get out of the plant's new exercise program and discovers that being on disability would do just that. He tries a few dangerous things to become disabled, but sett on a plan to gain 61 pounds. Dr. Nick and Bart help him on his quest, while Marge and Lisa try to discourage him. After Homer succeeds, Mr. Burns allows him to work at home. He monitors plant safety on a computer, but is still irresponsible as ever. He leaves home to see a movie, leaving the responsibility for his computer in the beak of a bird. The plant's reactor starts to go critical before he returns home. Homer rushes to the plant and to try shutting down the reactor manually. He discovers how hard life is for a hyper-obese person in his frantic dash. Luckily Homer's fat ass saves the day. In gratitude, Burns vows to make him a slimmer man.

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