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The Simpsons (1989) - 7x16 - Lisa The Iconoclast

Plot Outline
Bart watches a film on town hero, Jebediah Springfield. As the town's bicentennial parade approaches, Homer wants to be the town crier and he soon wins the job. Lisa visits a museum full of Jebediah memorabilia, and meets the curator, Hollis Hurlbutt. She finds a secret confession by Jebediah in a flute. The confession reveals that he was a murderous pirate and a fraud, with a silver tongue. Lisa sets out to expose him and while Marge does not believe her, Homer does. He helps her tell the town, but no one believes her except him. The town's Jubilation Committee brings them in for disciplinary action. When she pleads with them, they agree to dig up his grave and look for the tongue. The tongue is not there, so they strip Homer of his bell and hat. Lisa refuses to give up after a dream and she finds out that Hollis Hurlbutt has the tongue. He and Lisa stop the parade to tell everyone about their false hero. Lisa chickens out and tells everyone that he was a great man. So Homer is able to resume his role as town crier.

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