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The Simpsons (1989) - 7x17 - Homer The Smithers

Plot Outline
Mr. Burns takes the plant to an auto racing track and Smithers caters to his every need, but screws up just once. A drunken Lenny scares the hell out of Burns after the event and Smithers tries to make it up to him, but fails. Mr. Burns orders him to take a vacation and Smithers chooses Homer to replace him, because Homer is so incompetent that it should make Smithers look good. Homer tries his best, but Mr. Burns will not tolerate the typical Homer Simpson idiocy. Mr. Burns abuses Homer, so Homer hauls off and decks him. Homer tries to apologize, but Mr. Burns fears him so much that he does all the basic jobs of Homer. Mr. Burns learns to do things for himself and enjoys it. When Smithers returns home, Mr. Burns fires him and Homer returns to his old job. Smithers cannot seem to find a job. Homer gives him a pep talk and formulates a plan to get Smithers back his job. Homer screws it up, and Smithers gets into a brawl with him. In the fray, Mr. Burns falls out his office window. Now in a full-body cast, Smithers takes care of Mr. Burns him as before. For his efforts, Homer gets a fruit basket from the newly employed Smithers.

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