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The Simpsons (1989) - 8x02 - You Only Move Twice

Plot Outline
Globex Corporation wants Smithers as their newest employee, but when he repeatedly says no, they offer the job to Homer. He agrees, but he has to move to another city, Cypress Creek, a planned community. The family agrees to move and they simply abandon their old house. Homer's job is wonderful and he hopes it will help him to realize his lifelong dream, owning the Dallas Cowboys. Homer's new boss, Hank Scorpio, is about the greatest guy on the planet. Their new house is a palace, but Marge gets bored there and she starts drinking. Bart finds himself in the remedial program at school with a kid who lights fires. Lisa finds out she is allergic to everything. Soon it is revealed what Hank Scorpio and the Globex Corporation are really up to. They are terrorists, but Homer is too stupid to figure it out. His family wants to move back to Springfield. He tells Hank Scorpio about his lifelong plans, quits the job and family leaves to return to Springfield. When Homer returns home, he finds that Hank Scorpio has bought him the Denver Broncos as a thank you gift. Because of some of Homer's efforts, the Globex Corporation has managed to take over the entire northeastern seaboard of the United States.

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