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The Simpsons (1989) - 8x12 - Mountain Of Madness

Plot Outline
Mr. Burns tests the plant by having a fire drill. When they fail miserably, he organizes a retreat to promote teamwork. Homer misunderstands and brings the family. As an activity Homer has to find a cabin on a mountain by using a map. Who is his partner? Why it's Mr. Burns! Smithers doesn't like that arrangement and has to search for the cabin without a partner. Adding to his stress is the fact that the last ones to arrive at the cabin will be fired. Marge and the kids look for things to do, but everything is very boring. Homer and Mr. Burns manage to find the cabin first and they relax there until an avalanche, caused by clinking of their champagne glasses, traps them. Teammates Lenny and Carl can't find the cabin after the avalanche. Trapped like rats, Homer and Mr. Burns start to go crazy. A propane tank explodes and unearths the cabin. Everyone piles into the cabin, after all, the last one in will be fired, but Mr. Burns decides not to fire the loser (Lenny) after all.

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