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The Simpsons (1989) - 8x17 - My Sister, My Sitter

Plot Outline
Flanders needs a babysitter and Lisa volunteers for the job and does it well. Homer and Marge plan to go to a party at the new mall and Marge and Homer decide to have Lisa baby-sit Bart while they are at the party. Bart is really angry about it, so he vows to make the night a living hell. He pulls a bunch of pranks by ordering food, volunteering to host meetings, et cetera. Lisa gets so mad that she chases him down the stairs. Bart falls down the stairs and is injured and he plans on milking it for all its worth when Homer and Marge get home. Meanwhile at the party, Homer is making a fool of himself. Bart tries to make his injuries worse, and he knocks himself out. Lisa has to take Bart to see Dr. Nick, so she does so with a wheelbarrow. On her way, she passes the party, where the whole town sees her and passes judgment on how bad she is as a babysitter. Somehow she still manages not to lose any business.

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