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The Simpsons (1989) - 8x24 - Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase

Plot Outline
Troy McClure introduces three possible spin-offs from the series. a)."Chief Wiggum, P.I."Chief Wiggum is a detective in New Orleans and Principal Skinner is his assistant. Their first case pits them against Big Daddy, an operator in New Orleans who's kidnapped Ralph. b)."The Love-Matic Grampa"Moe's Love Tester machine has a special soul... Grampa's. He tries to put Moe's love life into order. c)."The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour"The family returns in a new variety show format a'la the "The Brady Bunch Hour" with a side of Laugh-In. Their show even features a "new girl" playing Lisa the way a new girl played Jan on the Brady show.

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