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The Simpsons (1989) - 9x14 - Das Bus

Plot Outline
Bart and Lisa are in a United Nations club, with each kid representing a country. The kids go on a field trip, but there is an accident and Otto drives the bus off a bridge into the water. The bus drifts out to sea, and Otto abandons ship. Chinese fishermen soon pick him up and make him their slave. Meanwhile the children and the bus wash up onto a deserted island. Bart is full of ideas on how they should live, but none of them work very well. They find the food that was onboard the bus and it is their only sustenance. Soon afterward it is gone and everyone is hungry, and Milhouse is accused. They have a trial in which Bart is the judge, but Milhouse is found not guilty by lack of evidence. The rest of them riot at the verdict and chase Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse into a cave, where they find the true culprit, a hog. The kids (besides Lisa) slaughter it and have themselves a nice meal. Who will save them? Let's say Moe. While all of this is going on, Homer finds out that Flanders has an Internet company. Homer sets up a business on the Internet, after all, if Flanders can, why can't he? His new business piques the interest of Bill Gates who comes to the house to put him out of business.

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