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The Simpsons (1989) - 9x22 - Trash Of The Titans

Plot Outline
The greeting card industry cooks up a new holiday called "Love Day". The Simpsons celebrate, creating a lot of garbage. When Homer takes it out, he gets into a confrontation with the garbage men and they refuse to pick up his trash anymore. Soon the family has huge trash piles all around their home. Homer wakes to find all the trash gone one day and he finds out that Marge has written an apology to city hall and signed his name. He goes down to retract his apology and he meets with Ray Patterson, the Sanitation Commissioner. When Homer decides that he doesn't like Patterson, Homer registers to run in the election for Sanitation Commissioner against him. Homer starts his campaign, but he is inconsistent in his views and his campaign antics include interrupting a U2 concert. While reflecting on his failure to reach the voters, he stumbles upon the ultimate campaign slogan, "can't someone else do it?" Under the plan, the garbage men will do every unpleasant job you could imagine. Homer's crazy promises and sleazy methods win him the election by a landslide. To keep his promises he spends an unbelievable amount of money, like the entire year's budget in the first month. To make up the deficit, Homer allows other cities to ship their trash to Springfield, which he has placed in an old abandoned mine. The mineshaft isn't bottomless and something has got to give, so it does. The explosion of trash wreaks havoc all over town. Ray Patterson refuses to come back and replace Homer. Mayor Quimby executes plan B, which is to move the entire town five miles down the road.

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