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The Simpsons (1989) - 9x23 - King Of The Hill

Plot Outline
The Simpsons watch a Rainier Wolfcastle movie and later at the church picnic, the kids play "capture the flag." Homer joins Bart's team to compete with Flanders, but Homer fails miserably, because he is horribly out of shape. When this really starts bothering him, he starts jogging. He finds a gym while jogging, and Rainier Wolfcastle is there. Rainier helps him get into tremendous shape and after a few months, Homer reveals this to the family and Bart is very impressed. When the Powersauce energy bar company comes to offer Rainier a gig to climb the "Murderhorn," the tallest mountain in Springfield, he refuses, so Bart volunteers Homer for the job. Not wanting to disappoint Bart again, Homer goes for it. Homer is given Sherpas to help him, but he fires them so that he can do it alone. Even when Powersauce stops sponsoring him, Homer continues in his quest to make Bart proud of him and he reaches the top and succeeds.

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