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The Simpsons (1989) - 10x01 - Lard Of The Dance

Plot Outline
After talking to Apu, Homer decides to try to make money off selling used grease. He goes in search of it, but finds that others have had the same plan. Lisa meets a new girl at school; one who is cool and becomes very popular. Lisa feels jealous towards the new girl, but masks it by trying to fit in with her new clique. Homer takes Bart out of school to help him with the grease business. Lisa tries to impress everyone by planning a school dance. All the girls start trying to act like adults, which makes Lisa very uncomfortable. As the dance gets underway, Homer and Bart try to steal grease from Willie's cafeteria stash. This results in grease raining down from the ducts. The kids have fun in the mess, making them all children again.

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