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The Simpsons (1989) - 10x02 - The Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace

Plot Outline
Homer listens to the radio in his car, only to realize that he has lived half his life. In the ensuing days, he falls into a deep depression. The family throws a party to cheer him up, and Lisa mentions Thomas Edison. Fascinated by Edison, Homer studies up on all his inventions. He tells EVERYBODY about how great he was and Marge makes him realize that he, Homer Simpson, can be just as great as his idol. For his mid-life crisis, Homer quits his job he decides to become an inventor, like Thomas Edison. The problem is that he cannot think of anything good; the best he can do is an electric hammer. When he unveils his first four hilarious inventions, Marge tells him that they suck. However he does have one useful invention, a chair that is impossible to tip. He plans to patent it, only to discover that Edison had already secretly invented it. He and Bart go to the Edison museum to destroy the chair, so that Homer can get full credit. While there, Homer realizes that he cannot do that to Edison. Soon afterward, Edison gets credit for the chair AND the hammer that Homer left behind at the museum.

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