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The Simpsons (1989) - 10x03 - Bart The Mother

Plot Outline
Marge takes the family to the Family Fun Center. She notices Nelson, who is acting like quite a jerk. Bart tries to befriend Nelson after he wins a BB gun, but Marge forbids any interaction with Nelson. Bart defies her and begins hanging out with him. Bart accidentally shoots a bird with Nelson's BB gun. When Marge finds him, she is horrified that he would kill an animal. Bart begins to secretly take care of the bird's eggs. When they hatch in front of the family, they reveal themselves to be lizards. When he and Marge take them to a bird-watching club, they find out that the lizards are outlawed. Skinner wants to kill them, as the law requires, but Bart lets them escape, and soon the town becomes overrun with them. Bart is later made a hero when the lizards kill all of the town's pigeons.

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