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The Simpsons (1989) - 10x05 - When You Dish Upon A Star

Plot Outline
Homer dreams about being Yogi Bear, but instead of going to a national park in search of picnic baskets, the Simpson family goes to the beach. While there, Homer tries parasailing and given his size the rope breaks and he flies off into a forest. He crash lands through a mansion's roof, winding up in bed with Kim Basinger. He finds that she and Alec Baldwin are Springfield's newest and most secretive residents. Homer befriends them and becomes their gofer. He soon also works for their friend, Ron Howard and Homer tries to pitch a ridiculous screenplay to them. Even though he was sworn to secrecy, one night Homer tells the gang at Moe's about his new celebrity friends. People swarm their mansion, ruining any sense of privacy. Homer is fired, of course, but he becomes bitter, and sets up "the museum of Hollywood jerks." They are steamed, so they run him down and get back their stuff. They sue Homer, so that he cannot legally bother them anymore. They all leave for Hollywood to pitch movies. Ron pitches Homer's ridiculous screenplay and gets a picture deal.

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