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The Simpsons (1989) - 10x06 - D'oh-in' In The Wind

Plot Outline
Burns is looking for better employees, so he makes a recruitment film and Homer is one of the actors. He decides to apply to the Screen Actors Guild, but realizes that he does not know his middle name. He and his father travel to the hippie commune where his mother used to live. The two hippies who live there have lost their way, and are now running a very successful juice company. They reveal that Homer's middle name is Jay. The trip inspires Homer to become a hippie, so he quits showering, to the horror of Marge. He tries to "freak out" the establishment with his two new acquaintances; but in doing so, Homer manages to screw up their next juice delivery, so they banish him. In order to make it up to them, he takes some vegetables, makes juice out of them, and delivers a shipment around Springfield. It turns out that he put peyote in the drinks, so the cops come to bust them. In the melee, Homer gets shot in the face (or so it would seem).

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