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The Simpsons (1989) - 10x07 - Lisa Gets An A

Plot Outline
After church, the Simpsons go to the grocery store for free samples. Homer picks out a small lobster with plans to raise him until he is big. Homer stuffs Lisa into the freezer to find a better flavor of ice cream and it results in her getting sick. She stays home and she becomes addicted to one of Bart's old video games. When she gets her homework from Ralph, she doesn't do it. She's so addicted to playing the game that she even fakes being sick, when she has gotten better. Marge sees through her ruse and she has to return to school. She finds out that she has to take a test, so she buys an old test off of Nelson and aces it. Her A+++ gets attention from Principal Skinner and he tells her that it raised the school's GPA enough to where they qualify for a grant. When Lisa admits that she cheated on the test, Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers do not want anyone to know. Lisa confesses to everyone at a presentation, but Skinner manages to get the grant anyway by tricking her. Meanwhile, Homer has been treating Pinchy the lobster as his pet; however, one day he gives it a nice, hot bath and accidentally boils him. So he eats him.

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