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The Simpsons (1989) - 10x08 - Homer Simpson In "Kidney Trouble"

Plot Outline
The Simpsons, including Abe, visit a ghost town where Abe drinks a lot of sarsaparilla. On the way home, Abe really needs to go to the bathroom, but Homer is more interested in making good time. Abe visits the doctor soon afterward, finding out that his kidneys exploded. There is only one way to save him... Homer must donate one of his. Homer agrees, and everybody treats him like a king but his friends at the bar wise him up to the risk involved. So when it comes time for the operation, he chickens out and flees. He goes aboard a ship of lost souls and tells them his story. They are so disgusted that he would leave his father to die that they throw him overboard. So Homer decides to go back and save him, but he chickens out again, only to have a terrible mishap. He wakes up in a hospital bed, sans one kidney. Abe is alive and well, and Homer can ask Bart for a kidney anytime he wants.

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