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The Simpsons (1989) - 10x10 - Viva Ned Flanders

Plot Outline
Springfield implodes its casino. When Homer goes to the car wash, he sees that Flanders is getting a senior citizens' discount. He calls Flander's out in church and Flander's confesses that he is 60-years-old, his youthful appearance is due to three C's, Clean living, Chewing thoroughly, a daily dose of vitamin Church and resisting all major urges. Homer accuses him of never living a day in his life. This makes him wish for more interesting experiences and since Homer is the king of such experiences, Homer offers to help Flanders. Flanders gives Homer his power of attorney and Homer takes him to Las Vegas. They go on a drunken binge at a casino, only to wake up with new wives. They run from their new wives and all the famous Vegas personalities chase them down and kick them out of town. What story will they tell their real wives about where they have been? Easy, they were abducted by aliens at Wal-Mart and gang-probed.

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