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The Simpsons (1989) - 11x19 - Kill The Alligator And Run

Plot Outline
Homer gets a collection of magazine surveys. He gives everyone the various tests. After driving Marge crazy, he decides to take a test himself. He takes one that says he has three years to live. With that idea in his head, he develops a bad case of insomnia. Additionally he becomes completely insane. A shrink recommends a visit to Florida to cure his stress. When he and the family arrive, they find that it is Spring Break. Homer sneaks out of his room to enjoy the celebration and attend concerts. Marge and the kids take a tour of the swamps and see the town's most famous alligator. Homer comes home from the concert and is so exhausted and drunk that he sleeps for the remainder of Spring Break. Homer takes the family on a joyride through the swamp and kills the town's most famous alligator. The sheriff arrests the whole family for "gatorcide." Homer escapes police custody with them. A train hits their car as they escape. They all get blue-collar jobs at a Deep South restaurant and stay in a trailer. They love their new lives. The sheriff finds them and hauls them in. After a trial, they end up on a chain gang. After they suffer through forced labor, the alligator turns out to be alive and the Simpson family gets to go home.

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