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The Simpsons (1989) - 14x17 - Three Gays Of The Condo

Plot Outline
It's Wednesday night and Marge has the family put together a jigsaw puzzle for that week's family activity. The puzzle has thousands of pieces and takes them over a week to complete. Well it is almost complete, there is one piece missing. As the family searches the house for the missing piece Homer stumbles across Marge's Memory Chest. He finds a note that Marge wrote to him on the back of a placemat while they were out on a date at the grand opening of Moe's tavern. In the note Marge expresses her disappointment with Homer, who has spent most of the evening playing videogames and drinking heavily. When they leave Homer begins suffering from alcohol poisoning. After reading that, Homer wonders why Marge stayed with him. Then he sees that she found out she was pregnant with Bart. Homer confronts Marge about her note, which she forgot writing. He asks her how she feels about him now and when he feels that Marge can't (if ever) appreciate him; Homer decides to move out. He moves in with Kirk Van Houten at Bachelor Arms, but quickly leaves amidst the crying of all the separated or divorced men living there. Homer finds a room on the river for a reasonable rent. The only catch is that it is located in the gay section of Springfield. When Homer first arrives in that area, he runs into Smithers. Homer starts blending into the lifestyle of his gay roommates. He runs into Marge and tells his roommates that he feels there is little chance for reconciliation. Later, Marge appears outside Homer's window and tells him that she can't put her feelings into words, but maybe this man can. That man is "Weird Al" Yankovic. "Weird Al" sings a little ditty about Homer and Marge. Homer agrees to accompany Marge on a date and with a pitcher of Margaritas in his system Homer makes his appearance on that date. Unfortunately it is too late, Marge leaves him. Back with his roommate Grady, Homer is getting some consolation, which leads to Grady giving him a kiss. Homer, realizing what's happening jumps out the window and goes to Moe's. Homer almost comes to the realization that alcohol might be the cause of all his relationship problems with Marge, when Moe loads him up more drinks and eventually takes him to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. At the hospital Dr. Hibbert shows Homer a videotape from ten years earlier of Homer's last alcohol poisoning visit. In the videotape he sees how Marge truly felt all those years ago. Marge confirms those were her feelings and they kiss, but was it the best kiss that Homer had that night?

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