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Smallville (2001) - 2x16 - Fever

Plot Outline
Martha gets a lungful of green meteor-irradiated spores while burying the ship key in the cellar and goes into a coma along with her newly-revealed unborn child. The DCA show up to search the farm and Clark gets some of the dust when he removes the ship, temporarily stripping him of his strength and later causing him to collapse. Jonathan and a sickly Clark break into the DCA base to steal the key back and Pete draws the military off while they get to the hospital with the ship. Activated, it unleashes a burst of light that cures Martha and Clark, leaving Helen with some questions.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bryce considers accepting a research grant at John Hopkins and Lex asks her to stay and move in with him. Lex gets a copy of Martha's medical files behind Helen's back. And Chloe confesses her true feelings to an unconscious Clark in a letter that Lana sees.
Copyright 2003 Steve Crow

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