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Boston Public (2000) - 1x05 - Chapter Five

Plot Outline
It's Thanksgiving week, but no one seems particularly grateful. Guber, for example, is still upset over his onstage serenade at the charity show. Football player Jason Harrelson broke bully Malcolm White's arm during a fight in the hall. Buttle is starring in yet another Sheryl Holt original online humiliation cartoon. Last, but not least, Lauren discovered a senior sex posse which awards senior guys points for sex.

In response to the sex posse scandal, Principal Harper organizes a sophomore assembly to preach the benefits of chastity. The teachers draw straws, and Lipschultz is chosen to head up the event. Later at the assembly, Lipschultz' boring speech turns shocking when he confesses to catching his beloved late wife in bed with another man.

In his office, Harper confronts Jason Harrelson about the fight. Harrelson says he used a fighting technique that Harper taught Anthony in order to defend Anthony's honor. Repercussions ensue -- including a lawsuit by Malcolm's family and a confrontation with Jason's father in which Harper calls him a racist. Harper thinks Mr. Harrelson expects special treatment simply because they are both black. Ultimately, Harper goes to the Harrelson home to apologize for the outburst.

As most of the faculty gather at Lauren's for a pre-holiday Thanksgiving dinner, others find their own peace. Guber, who recently admitted to being in love with Lauren, shares a meal with Principal Harper. And Lipschultz sits in his classroom, alone with his memories.

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