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Boston Public (2000) - 1x10 - Chapter Ten

Plot Outline
Sheryl Holt breaks the news about Milton and Lisa's secret affair on her Web site. Suspicious, Harper confronts Buttle about his sexual involvement, but Milton disavows any wrongdoing, claiming that he and Lisa have started a "Shakespeare Club." Concerned about his friend, Riley decides to keep quiet for now, but begs Buttle to stop seeing his new "girlfriend."

However, Riley has his hands full with another explosive situation - an anonymous bully has severely beaten three male students. When he discovers that the bully is actually an extremely overweight girl who was only defending herself from relentless verbal abuse, he enlists her for the wrestling squad. After enduring further derision, she defeats her opponent at her first match and earns the respect of her teammates and family.

Meanwhile, Marylin suspects that a girl in her class is a victim of incest when the student writes a "fictional" essay about her father molesting her. Although her pupil denies it, Marylin alerts Big Boy and together they confront the girl's parents. However, the father protests and testifies his innocence, becomes extremely angry and threatens to sue. Marylin is finally able to convince her student to admit the truth and she produces a videotape, which irrevocably proves her father's guilt.

In the middle of this crisis, Guber asks Lipschultz to resign after accusing him of being a racist. Lauren makes sure he is given a formal hearing and convinces Harvey to let her represent him. However, at the hearing, Lauren chokes and fails to defend Lipschultz, afraid that she might be labeled a racist as well.

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