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Boston Public (2000) - 1x11 - Chapter Eleven

Plot Outline
Coach Riley has a serious crush on Marylin Sudor but is nervous about asking her out due to their racial differences. But when he and Buttle ask Ms. Sudor how she and Ms. Hendricks feel about dating white men, Marylin mistakenly assumes Coach wants to ask Marla out. Riley's "infatuation" with Marla appears on Sheryl Holt's Web site and Ms. Hendricks becomes extremely excited about the prospect of dating Coach.

Eventually, Kevin tells Marylin the truth and she is forced to break the news to Marla, who is deeply hurt. While Kevin and Marylin do make plans to eventually go out, they decide to wait until Marla has gotten over her disappointment.

Meanwhile, Harper is concerned about the cheerleading squad. They have been rehearsing for an important competition, but their new routine is extremely sexual. The choreographer argues that it's impossible to tone down the program, so Harper cancels the meet.

Regardless of the consequences, Lisa and Buttle continue to tempt fate and continue their heated affair. However, more and more people, including Harper, are growing suspicious and Riley is finding it difficult to keep silent.

Throughout the day, Lauren meets with various loan officers in order to purchase her dream home. Ultimately, her application is turned down because being a teacher makes her a credit risk.

And in an effort to help his kids discuss their feelings, Senate forms a "Suicide Club," which outrages parents and faculty alike. But the students who participate are slowly learning to open up about their problems, and once again, Harry's unorthodox methods pay off.

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