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Boston Public (2000) - 1x13 - Chapter Thirteen

Plot Outline
When Coach Riley is fired for withholding information about Buttle's affair, he hires the best attorneys in Boston - Ellenor Frutt and Jimmy Berluti.

Ellenor immediately begins subpoenaing witnesses, sending a message to Winslow High that she means business. And in an effort to take Guber down, Coach Riley helps her play hardball by supplying incriminating evidence against numerous co-workers.

The stress of the lawsuit has Guber and Harper at each other's throats. Harper is angry over Guber's predilection for firing teachers without consulting with him first and Guber dislikes doing the "dirty work" for Harper. The two have several yelling matches with no clear victor before their lawyer asks them to grow up and focus on the upcoming trial.

Meanwhile, Lauren discovers that Harry had dated another co-worker, Jenna, before her. Disturbed that Harry would have a relationship with a woman Lauren deems unsavory, she becomes concerned about her own relationship with Senate. Although Harry tries to discover why she is so upset, Lauren denies that it has anything to do with Jenna but eventually loses her cool and goes off on Senate.

At the trial, Ellenor pulls no punches and proceeds to list every infraction, mental illness and strange behavior incurred by the other Winslow High teachers. Although she is highly effective, Harper is given the opportunity to give the closing argument for the defense and delivers a rousing speech that sways the judge.

Coach Riley loses his case and he and Buttle have a tearful but awkward goodbye with their former co-workers before leaving Winslow High for the last time.

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