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Boston Public (2000) - 1x21 - Chapter Twenty-One

Plot Outline
Marla is distressed to learn one of her senior students, a convicted sex offender, has asked a freshman girl to prom. The girl is the daughter of one of Marla's friends. Marla is unable to legally warn the girl of the boy's offense -- he served his sentence at a juvenile correction facility after being convicted of sexual assault with a 14-year-old. So she confronts the boy instead. Later, the boy's father confronts Marla and reminds her that she cannot legally divulge information about his son. Marla agrees that the boy deserves a second chance. She talks to the boy again and warns him not to blow it. Meanwhile, Lauren learns that Daniel has been following her when she comes across a photo album filled with pictures of her. Distraught, she breaks up with Daniel. When Daniel follows her and comes into her apartment with his own key, Lauren calls the police. The police can't do much because Lauren doesn't have a restraining order against Daniel. Senate offers to talk to Daniel. Daniel denies he's obsessed with Lauren and denies he had a photo album of her. He implies Lauren is the one who's crazy. After hearing this, Lauren buys a gun. And, Guber is a finalist for the head master's job at an exclusive private school. The hiring process includes questioning students and faculty at Winslow High about Guber. Lipschultz takes the opportunity to speak very highly of Guber -- hoping Guber will get the job and thus leave Winslow. Guber doesn't get the job and is told it is because some of his co-workers say he isn't compassionate enough and doesn't make connections with the students. He assumes Lipschultz was the one who spoke against him but learns it was Harper. Harper admits he was less-than-glowing. He does say that he thinks someday Guber will be a better principal than him, but he's just not ready yet. Elsewhere, Marylin's student, Jeremy, is acting out of character. He's hanging out with a different crowd, wearing hipper clothes and getting Cs. Marylin goes to Jeremy's house to tell him he's won an award and Jeremy's mother is mysteriously absent, the house is a mess and the music is blaring. Marylin suspects Jeremy may have done something to his mother.

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