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Boston Public (2000) - 1x22 - Chapter Twenty-Two

Plot Outline
Daniel approaches Lauren in the school parking lot as she is leaving work. He begs her to give him a chance and claims he's not dangerous. Lauren agrees to meet him at a restaurant to talk about it, but she's really only stalling. She reaches into her glove compartment for her gun, gets it, and points it at him. She tells him to get out of her sight. As graduation approaches at Winslow High, the staff deals with severe cases of "senioritis." Guber says high school has become three-and-a-half years of school with a half year of Club Med at the end. Case in point, one of Marla's Harvard-bound students has failed his final history course and may not graduate. She refuses to change his grade to a D- because he didn't earn it. Daniel's parents come to the school to talk to Harper and request Lauren be present. Daniel's parents inform them they are considering committing Daniel to a psychiatric hospital because he's delusional. They say he claims to have had a sexual affair with Lauren and that she helped him with a history book he is writing (the book is really somebody else's). Furthermore they say Daniel claims Lauren threatened him with a gun on school property. When the parents tell Lauren she may be called to testify against Daniel, she is forced to admit Daniel wasn't lying about their relationship. Meanwhile, former teacher Iassac Rice, who has an acrimonious relationship with Guber, returns. He wants his home-schooled son to participate in the graduation ceremony in Winslow. Guber refuses. Marylin's concern for Jeremy and his mother grows when Jeremy tells her his mom probably won't be attending the graduation ceremony where he'll be receiving an award for being the most promising junior. He also tells her his mother has gone away for a while to test him -- to see if he can get good grades when she's not there. Marylin calls the police to investigate, but they say they can't search the house without probable cause. Harper suspends Lauren for two months (she was going to teach summer school) for aiming a loaded gun on school property. Harper then goes behind Marla's back and asks Lipschultz to re-grade the Harvard-bound student's test to see if he can give the kid a break. The student is given a D. Harper also cuts a deal with Iassac Rice: If he will agree to substitute teach, Harper will allow his son to participate in the graduation ceremony. All goes well at the graduation ceremony. Kevin Jackson delivers a beautiful commencement speech. Sheryl Holt presents the student's award for outstanding educator to Guber. As the students walk across the stage getting their diplomas, Jeremy looks on. His mother is tied up in the basement...

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