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Meet the Barkers (2005) - 2x02 - Happy Birthday Travis

Plot Outline
Travis attends the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas to represent the clothing line he runs with Shanna, Famous Stars and Straps. When Shanna has to pick Travis up at the airport, she realizes that their BMW is in the shop, so she'll have to use Travis' prized Cadillac instead. She doesn't want to the drive the car as it is, and having a tire blow out on the highway doesn't help. Luckily, she gets a spare put on, but Travis isn't exactly thrilled when she picks him up. Shanna makes it up to him later, though.

Travis is turning 30, and she wants to think of something fantastic to blow him away. She decides to throw him a giant surprise birthday party, complete with all of his friends, a drum line, and best of all, a brand new gold Cadillac.

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