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Submission FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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Submission Rules & Guidelines

Please find below a list of rules and guidelines for the respective fields in the submission form for your reference.


The broadcast date should be the first public broadcast in the respective language. The broadcast date must not be from PayTV channels, as they are not received by everyone, but have to be FreeTV channels. If the show has not aired on a FreeTV channel yet, the broadcast date should be set to 'unknown' and the PayTV date and channel should be entered as a note.

Episode Title

The episode title should be the title of the episode as announced by the broadcasting network. Title spelling displayed in the episode itself is preferred over any alternative announcement of the network. For English titles, the first letter of each word should be capitalized. Alternatively, capitalize the first letter of the first word of the sentence or after a colon and do not capitalize articles (a, an, the) and do not capitalize to when it precedes a verb. For non-English titles, use the capitalization standard of the respective language.
The title should only include a part number '(Part 1)', if there are multiple episodes with the same title. If there are multiple episodes with different titles which are tied together (to be continued), the episode title should include the number of the respective story part '(1)'.

As for episode titles in other characters like Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc:
In addition to the official episode title an official English title may follow in brackets. The Original Title field is to be left blank and may not be used for translations of the episode title. Any other translations or romanji episode titles may only be entered in the "Note"-field.
Please see the following guides for examples on how to enter episodes titles in these cases: One Piece (Japanese), D.Gray-Man (Japanese), Bleach (Japanese)

Original Title

This field should contain the title of this episode in the original language of the show, if applicable. This field is to be left blank when the episode belongs to the original language's episode guide.
Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4

Episode Numbers

The episode numbering/season numbering should be the official numbering as per production order/DVD order if available. Alternatively, the TV broadcast order can be used, if the production order is not known.

Overall Number

The overall number is a sequential number used only for ordering the show on EPW. There is no right or wrong and this number is not indicative for the amount of episodes a show has.

If an episode should be added in between existing episodes, submit the episode and let us know via the comment box if the overall numbers should be reordered.

Episode type

The default episode type is 'regular episode', however, a pilot (either unaired production pilot or separate pilot not directly part of the show) should be marked as this. The listing will not have an episode number in this case. A special episode like a christmas special one-off episode or a behind the scenes episode or similar, should be classed at this. However, a regular episode on a special airtime is not classed as a special. A TV-Movie is usually aired after the final episode to answer open questions or may be before the show actually started. Feature movie listings are special theatre releases linked to the show (see X-Files, Simpsons, Beavis & Butthead, Firefly). Direct-to-video/dvd productions are classed as episode type video.

Production Number

The production number is the official production number as displayed at the end of the episode's end-credits. If displayed with a # sign, it is to be entered without the # sign. If the production number is not known, it is to be left empty. It is not a substitute for a combined season/episode numbering.


The plot outline is a short summary of the plot. It is not a review field of the whole episode and must not contain ratings, personal opinion, comments or rumours. This field is to give a brief overview about the episode.
The preferred plot outlines are from press releases of the networks or production companies like the ones published on TheFutonCritic.com.
Wikipedia can be used as a source, if proper attribution according to the wikipedia usage guidelines is given, official sources or own words are always preferred though. As of today (2008-Jul-06) it should be in the form of:
'(from Wikipedia under GFDL)'
 (from <a href='http://it.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Episodi_di_Stargate_SG-1_%28sesta_stagione%29&oldid=16974599' 
 target='_new'><u>Wikipedia</u></a> under <a href='http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html' target='_new'><u>GFDL</u></a>) 
using new targets as in the example above.
Other sources like personal homepages, blogs or fansites are not to be accepted. However, if the plot is rewritten using ones own words, the plot can be accepted, unless the content of the episode is still unconfirmed.

As for plots in other characters like Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc: In addition to the original language plot, a translation in English may be added. Example


The name of the Director of the episode is to be entered in this field. This is not the 'Director of photography' or producer. If no director is credited, this field is to remain blank. If several directors are credited, all names should be entered, separated by comma.


The writer of an episode can either be wholly responsible for the story and the teleplay, or there can be separate people responsible for the individual parts. If one individual or a group is responsible for the whole, they are credited as writers. In that case, the story field is to remain empty and all names are to be entered in the writer field. Multiple entries are separated by comma.
If multiple individuals/groups are responsible for the individual parts, they are to be entered into the teleplay and story fields as credited. Multiple entries have to be separated by comma.

Cast assignment

Cast assignments are only accepted for episodes in the original language of the show. Also, cast assignments are only accepted for episodes already aired and confirmed by physically watching the episode. Rumours, press releases and other sources are NOT accepted for cast assignments.


All unconfirmed cast, rumours, press release info, etc are to be entered in text form in the cast box. Several formats are accepted: Actor name as Character name, Actor name (character name), Actor name::Character name, Actor name...Character name. Entries can be separated by comma or new line. Character name (actor name) should not be used if possible.
When submitting a mixture of confirmed and unconfirmed cast members, grouping/marking the actors in the Cast box helps the staff to process the submission correctly. Groups like: Main cast: .. Guest Cast: ... with the actor/character combination followed by (verified) or similar.
Only add confirmed/verified comment if you physically watched the episode and identified the actor and/or the actor is credited. If an actor is uncredited, follow the actor/character name combination by (uncredited).
If the character name is unknown, follow the actor name by (unknown).
If there is any doubt towards the accuracy of the information provided, the staff will either reject the submission completely or leave the cast in text form.
Voice actors should be marked as (voice) after actor name/character name combination.
Episodes in non-original language should list regular actors and if dubbed into a different language, the voice actors should be listed separately.


Music should be listed in the following format:
timestamp in hh:mm:ss of beginning-timestamp in hh:mm:ss of end (source) - interpret - album - song - scene description
source can be either tv, dvd, web or unknown. The more details are available, the better. If details are unknown, just say so, maybe someone else can get the details.
00:01:02-00:01:35 (DVD) - The Rolling Stones - Aftermath - Paint It, Black - Erin entering the room


A note could be production note, interesting fact, alternative broadcast information, episode title translations, etc.

These rules may be updated and amended from time to time if required. The final decision on how to interpret the rules and what will be accepted on the site always is with the staff members! If a definition is missing or unclear, please send a feedback.