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General FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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What is this page all about?

EPisodeWorld.com (short EPW) offers information about TV-Shows. The information offered includes but is not limited to plot outlines, airdates, episode names, main as well as guest cast, and more to come. This site offers no downloads but only links to authorized third parties (e.g. itunes). It's best described as an online TV Guide, so you can read up on your favorite shows and will know when the next episodes will air.
Registered users can actively participate in keeping the information up-to-date by submitting changes to existing episodes or submitting new episodes. Registered users can also customize the information displayed (e.g. language) and can keep track of their favorite shows via bookmarks and mark episodes as watched.

What is this "Episode Submission Function"?

You can submit information about an episode which is not yet on the mainpage to get added. This submission will get processed by the EPW staff members and after verification will get added to the mainpage. If information is missing or the submission is complete rubbish or incorrect, it will get denied and you'll receive an email with the reason why it got denied.
The exact rules and guidelines can be found here: Submission FAQ.

Where and how can I submit information about an episode not yet listed?

First of all, you need to be a registered member to be able to submit. If you are, you'll find a button next to the title of the show at the top of the page. This button will bring you to the submission form.
The submission form asks about all necessary information. Some are mandatory, some others aren't. Try to fill out all fields and make sure to add a link to a site or explanation where you got the information from.
The amount of accepted as well as rejected submissions will be saved in your profile and this information will be used for upcoming features at a later time.
Ensure plot/note information provided is not just copied off another site unless it's from a press release or an official site. Information off other sites have to be rewritten in your own words.

How long does it take for the submission to get processed?

We try to process the submissions as soon as possible. Depending on the amount of submissions and the quality of the information provided, it might be faster or it might take longer. We try to process each submission within a day.

Can I edit information about an episode already on the site?

On the details page of that episode you'll find this button: Click it and it will bring you to a submission form with all current information of that episode. Fill in missing information or correct mistakes and submit the form. The changes will get reviewed and either accepted or denied. Make sure to provide proof of your information. It's not that we don't believe you, but in order to prevent incorrect information to get on site and to destroy possibly accurate information of someone else, we have to be certain that the information is accurate. A link to a website where you found your info or an explanation how you got that info would suffice. If we're not convinced, we will deny the submission!
Ensure plot/note information provided is not just copied off another site unless it's from a press release or an official site. Information off other sites have to be rewritten in your own words.

Can I request a new show to get added?

Yes, just fill out this form: New Show Request

How can I submit News about a show?

At the bottom of every show page there's a link to submit additional news. You have to be a registered member to be able to submit news. The link will open up a form on which you have to provide a url on where you found the news, have to enter a brief title of what the news is about and a short summary. Select the news type to state whether it's proper news, a rumour or contains spoilers. The language refers to the language the news is in and the language the news will be displayed. If the source page is non-English, you have to provide a comment in English stating what the news is about.

Can I take ownership of a Show, i.e. become an editor of a show?

Not yet. An editor function for shows will be available soon.

How do I get additional languages in the selection?

In order to get additional languages in the selection box on the submission form, just select any language and add a respective note in the comment field. The EPW staff will add that language when the submission gets accepted.

How can I submit regular feedback without registering? / My question isn't answered with this FAQ, what to do?

You can use the feedback form.

What do the different colors of the "NEW" icons mean?

The colors indicate how long ago the episode has been aired. "New" is a wide term and to make it easier to find episodes which have been aired within the last week there are 3 different stages of "New":
Airs today or has been aired today or yesterday.
Aired less than 3 days ago.
Aired less than 7 days ago.