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Darrin Maharaj

Actor Details
No Image availableFull Name: Darrin Maharaj
Born in: Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Sex: male

Darrin Maharaj at IMDB.com

Darrin Maharaj was born in Toronto, Ontario with parents hailing from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. At age 19 he volunteered his time at the community radio station CKWR 98.7 fm in Waterloo, Ontario. He started in the midnight till 4am time slot which quickly became the weekend's primetime feature with Darrin and his DJ partner Eric Lohrenz as "The 2 Youts" featuring the best in hip-hop, reggae and electronic music. Soon the "youts" were interviewing some of the hottest stars on the music scene from The Beastie Boys to Moby just to name a few. Broadcasting school followed at the School of Broadcast Journalism at Fanshawe College in London, Ont. After a few months of general reporting Darrin quickly made the transition to the Entertainment Videographer for the The New VR in Barrie, Ontario. Working not only as the reporter and host but as the camera operator, editor and producer of his daily stories. This took him all across North America and put him in many a strange situation from interviewing top stars like John Travolta and Mel Gibson, to wrestling Crocodiles at Gatorland in Florida to skydiving, rock climbing and more. Darrin was asked to help launch CHUM televisions newest station on the west coast CITYTV in Vancouver as their Entertainment Specialist. On his first day at the station Darrin was sent to interview BC beauty Pamela Anderson at her beach home in Malibu, California. while there the young broadcaster caught the eye of world renowned designer & photographer Karl Lagerfeld who was on hand to photograph Pamela and ended up putting Darrin into the front seat of her Viper and doing an impromptu photo session. Aside from co-anchoring 10 news casts per week, Darrin hosted live cut ins and season finales for popular programs like ABC's "the Bachelor" and "America's Next Top Model".Darrin now freelances for various tv stations and publications in order to explore the world of acting, he has appeared in 3 episodes of the hit sci-fi series "The Collector", a principal role in the feature "The Exorcism Of Emily Rose" with Laura Linney and Colme Fiore and he can also be seen in the upcoming film "Shock To The System".

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