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1st Amendment Stand Up

2005-2010 Ended/Cancelled
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A ½ hour of comedy Starz’ returning original stand-up comedy series “1st Amendment Stand-up,” premieres this season as Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand-up with Lawrence serving as executive producer. Raw, relevant and always funny, the series features more than 30 of the nation’s most talented, fresh and untapped comedians. Representing a diverse group - young, old, African American, Latino, male and female - each comedian delivers entertaining and side-splitting stand-up that celebrates their right to freedom of speech. From issues including airport security to making love to being overweight to various ethnic anecdotes, each comedian goes center stage to provoke, captivate and tell-it-like-it-is, in their own entertaining urban and explosive styles. Taped before a live audience at the world famous Improv in San Jose, California, each half-hour is hosted by one of Hollywood’s most hilarious stand-up comedians Doug Williams who adds his own unique comedy style to the mix. The show is directed by Michael Bohusz known by many in the business from his work with “Comic View.” Adding a special dose of hip-hop flavor in between the laughs is the very talented DJ and entertainer Biz Markie.
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Main Cast
N/ADoug Williams
as (Host) [S 2]

Premiered on Network:

Also known as:
Martin Lawrence Presents the 1st Amendment Stand-up
Martin Lawrence Presents 1ST Amendment Stand-Up

Genres: Comedy

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
41 5x01David Raibon, Smokey Suarez, Drew Fraser        |edit  2010-09-10  Discuss episode! 
42 5x02Darren Carter, Gina Yashere, Damon Williams        |edit  2010-09-10  Discuss episode! 
43 5x03Leon Rogers, Melanie Comarcho, Gary Owen        |edit  2010-09-17  Discuss episode! 
44 5x04Honest John, Ajai Sanders, Scruncho        |edit  2010-09-24  Discuss episode! 
45 5x05Ahmed Ahmed, Roz G, Adele Givens        |edit  2010-10-01  Discuss episode! 
46 5x06Muhammad, D'Militant, Pierre        |edit  2010-10-08  Discuss episode! 
47 5x07Lil Rel, Nema Williams, Aarona Browning        |edit  2010-10-15  Discuss episode! 
48 5x08Roman Murray, Ian Edwards, Ray Lipowski        |edit  2010-10-22  Discuss episode! 
49 5x09Baldhead Phillips, Jay Phillips, Faizon Love        |edit  2010-10-29  Discuss episode! 
50 5x10Alex Thomas, Tony Sculfield, Rodney Perry        |edit  2010-11-05  Discuss episode! 
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