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30 Rock

2006-2013 Ended/Cancelled
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Emmy Award winner Tina Fey (NBC’s "Saturday Night Live," "Mean Girls") writes, executive-produces and stars as Liz Lemon in NBC’s "30 Rock," a workplace comedy where the workplace exists behind-the-scenes of a live variety show. The show is told through the comedic voice of Fey and features Alec Baldwin ("The Aviator,” “The Cooler” ) as Jack Donaghy, the brash new network executive who has turned the show upside down with his meddling ways. The single Lemon is living every comedy writer's dream - head writer on a demanding, live TV program in New York City. Her life is jolted when Donaghy interferes with her show, and bullies Lemon into convincing Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan, "Saturday Night Live," "The Longest Yard") -- a wild and unpredictable movie star -- to join the cast. Now Lemon must manage the unmanageable so that the show -- and her dream -- can go on. Also rounding out the cast in the half hour comedy are: Jane Krakowski ("Ally McBeal" as Jenna Maroney), Scott Adsit (“Kicking and Screaming” as Pete Hornberger,) the variety show’s producer, Jack McBrayer (“Arrested Development” as Kenneth the Page,) the over-eager NBC Page -- a highly sought-after entry level position with the network, and Rachel Dratch (“Saturday Night Live” in multiple roles).
Show Gallery
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen Mathew
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen Mathews
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen Mathews
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen Mathews
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen Mathew
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen Matthews
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen Matthews
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen Matthews
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen Matthews
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen Matthews
Main Cast
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen MatthewsAlec Baldwin
as Jack Donaghy [S 1-2]
Jack McBrayer
as Kenneth [S 1-2]
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen MatthewsJane Krakowski
as Jenna Maroney [S 1-2]
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen MathewsJudah Friedlander
as Frank [S 1-2]
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen MathewsKatrina Bowden
as Cerie [S 2]
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen MathewsKeith Powell
as Toofer [S 2]
N/ALonny Ross
as Josh [S 2]
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen MathewScott Adsit
as Pete Hornberger [S 1-2]
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen MatthewsTina Fey
as Liz Lemon [S 1-2]
© NBC Photo: Mary Ellen MatthewsTracy Morgan
as Tracy Jordan [S 1-2]
Recurring Cast
Katrina Bowden as Cerie [S 1] (16)
Keith Powell as Toofer [S 1] (16)
Maulik Pancholy as Jonathan [S 1-2] (16)
Lonny Ross as Josh [S 1] (15)
Kevin Brown as Dot Com [S 1-2] (13)
Grizz Chapman as Grizz [S 1] (10)
John Lutz as Lutz [S 1] (7)
Chris Parnell as Dr. Leo Spaceman [S 1-2] (6)
Jason Sudeikis as Floyd [S 1] (6)
Teddy Coluca as Stage Manager [S 1] (6)

Premiered on Network:

Genres: Comedy

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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NBC Renews '30 Rock' Through 2011-12 Season
30 Rock: Season 1 available on DVD September 4, 2007
Nine More for '30 Rock'
'30 Rock' Pushes More Paper

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79 4x21Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land  P     |edit 2010-05-13  Discuss episode! 
80 4x22I Do Do  P     |edit 2010-05-20  1 Comment 
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