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The 4400

2004-2007 Ended/Cancelled
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These are the stories of 4400 abductees after they are returned to Earth. People dealing with traumatic changes, driven by the mystery of what happened and why. Some of them have been affected in mysterious ways, and some will have certain abilities, both good and bad. The pilot has a ball of light sailing towards Earth. But rather than the expected catastrophic event, thousands of returned abductees are left with no memory of their otherworldly experiences. Each has been gone anywhere from a few months to several decades but hasn't aged a day.

Theme song: "A Place In Time" by Amanda Abizaid, written by Stephen Phillips and Tim P.

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Main Cast
© USA NetworkBill Campbell
as Jordan Collier [S 4]
N/ABrooke Nevin
as Nikki Hudson [S 1]
© USA NetworkChad Faust
as Kyle Baldwin [S 1-4]
© USA NetworkConchita Campbell
as Maia Rutledge [S 2-4]
© USA NetworkJacqueline McKenzie
as Diana Skouris [S 1-4]
© USA NetworkJenni Baird
as Meghan Doyle [S 4]
© USA NetworkJoel Gretsch
as Tom Baldwin [S 1-4]
© USA NetworkKaj-Erik Eriksen
as Danny Farrell [S 1]
© USA NetworkKarina Lombard
as Alana Mareva [S 3]
© USA NetworkLaura Allen
as Lily Moore Tyler [S 1-2]
© USA NetworkMahershalalhashbaz Ali
as Richard Tyler [S 1-3]
© USA NetworkMegalyn Echikunwoke
as Isabelle Tyler [S 3-4]
© USA NetworkPatrick John Flueger
as Shawn Farrell [S 1-4]
© USA NetworkPeter Coyote
as Dennis Ryland [S 1]
© USA NetworkSamantha Ferris
as Nina Jarvis [S 2-3]
Recurring Cast
Richard Kahan as Marco Pacella [S 1-4] (33)
Kavan Smith as Agent Garrity [S 2-4] (23)
Jeffrey Combs as Kevin Burkhoff [S 2-4] (17)
Jody Thompson as Devon [S 2-4] (15)
Bill Campbell as Jordan Collier [S 1-3] (14)
Chilton Crane as Susan Farrell [S 1-4] (12)
Garret Dillahunt as Matthew Ross [S 2-3] (11)
Graeme Duffy as Brady Wingate [S 2-4] (10)
Jordan Lasorsa-Simon as Isabelle [S 2] (10)
Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Danny Farrell [S 2-4] (10)

Premiered on Network:
USA (USA Network) in US

Also known as:
Les 4400

Genres: Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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'The 4400' fans launch seed protest
'4400' Creator Confirms Show's Demise
ProSieben schmei├čt '4400' aus dem Programm
'The 4400' returns for season four
Live chat with Jacqueline McKenzie August 6

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ArtistAlbumSong TitleStart/Stop Scene 
4x01 - The Wrath Of Graham:
TV On The RadioReturn to Cookie Mountain
Wolf Like Me
TV On The Radio, Return to Cookie Mountain, Wolf Like Me
00:30:35 - 00:31:38 (TV) The kids claiming to be Graham 
4x02 - Fear Itself:
(None known)     
4x03 - Audrey Parker Has Come and Gone:
Nelly FurtadoLoose
Say It Right
Nelly  Furtado, Loose, Say It Right
00:03:35 - 00:04:26 (TV) At Vanessa's gallery when Audrey Parker is telling her story about how her life changed 
Tony BennettA Wonderful World
Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Tony  Bennett, A Wonderful World, Dream A Little Dream Of Me
00:39:28 - 00:40:47 (TV) At the end when Audrey Parker says goodbye (Tony Bennett & k. d. lang) 
4x04 - The Truth and Nothing But The Truth:
(None known)     
4x05 - Try The Pie:
(None known)     
4x06 - The Marked:
(None known)     
4x07 - Till We Have Built Our Jerusalem:
(None known)     
4x08 - No Exit:
(None known)     
4x09 - Daddy's Little Girl:
Bobby DayRock and Roll Party
Rockin' Robin
Bobby  Day, , Rockin\' Robin
00:02:34 - 00:03:14 (TV) First song on the jukebox. 
Chuck BerryGold
No Particular Place To Go
Chuck  Berry, Gold, No Particular Place To Go
00:03:21 - 00:04:21 (TV) Second song on the jukebox. 
The SkylinersThe Skyliners - The Greatest Hits
Since I Don't Have You
The Skyliners, The Skyliners - The Greatest Hits, Since I Don\'t Have You
00:18:02 - 00:19:16 (TV) When the first collapses in the diner. 
The ChordsCars OST
The Chords, Cars OST, Sh-Boom
00:24:56 - 00:26:49 (TV) When Shawn arrives at the diner. 
The ChantelsMove Closer
The Chantels, Move Closer, Maybe
00:31:31 - 00:32:42 (TV) When Shawn convinces Tess that Kevin is actually her Bobby. 
The Supremes 
The Supremes, , Sincerely
00:32:43 - 00:35:11 (TV) When Tess and Kevin are dancing. 
4x10 - One Of Us:
(None known)     
4x11 - Ghost In The Machine:
(None known)     
4x12 - Tiny Machines:
(None known)     
4x13 - The Great Leap Forward:
PixiesSurfer Rosa
Where Is My Mind?
Pixies, Surfer Rosa, Where Is My Mind?
00:35:59 - 00:40:59 (TV) Everyone discovering new abilities at the end of the episode 
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Guide available in: english finnish french german italian polish