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The Adventures of Shirley Holmes

1996-2000 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Shirley Holmes is far from your normal teenaged girl. Like her great uncle, the famous Sherlock Holmes, Shirley is a keen observer and tries to remain detached from everything. Her closest friend is her upper class boarding school's scholarship student, Bo Sawchuk, who helps her solve each case, deal with the disapearence of her explorer mother, and keeps her as human as possible. Yet, unlike her distant relation, Shirley learns not allow people like her arch nemisis Molly Hardy to get the better of her and that sometimes it's okay to just be a kid.

The broadcast dates here are the ones from the U.S.

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Genres: Family / Mystery

Language: english


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
40 4x01The Case of the Calculated Crime        |edit  2000-02-13  Discuss episode! 
41 4x02The Case of the Dead Debutante        |edit  2000-02-20  Discuss episode! 
42 4x03The Case of the Vanishing Virus        |edit  2000-02-27  Discuss episode! 
43 4x04The Case of the Virtual Zeus        |edit  2000-03-05  Discuss episode! 
44 4x05The Basket Case        |edit  2000-03-12  Discuss episode! 
45 4x06The Case of the Skeleton in the Closet        |edit  2000-03-19  Discuss episode! 
46 4x07The Case of the Perfect Boyfriend        |edit  2000-03-26  Discuss episode! 
47 4x08The Case of the Falling Star        |edit  2000-04-02  Discuss episode! 
48 4x09The Case of the Puzzle from the Past        |edit  2000-04-09  Discuss episode! 
49 4x10The Case of the Desperate Dancer        |edit  2000-04-16  Discuss episode! 
50 4x11The Case of the Hidden Heart        |edit  2000-04-23  Discuss episode! 
51 4x12The Case of King Arthur's Alibi        |edit  2000-04-30  Discuss episode! 
52 4x13The Case of the Dragon's Breath        |edit  2000-05-07  Discuss episode! 
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