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2001-2006 Ended/Cancelled
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Sydney Bristow is a young, athletic, college graduate who was recruited her freshman year as a secret agent for SD-6, a top-secret branch of the CIA. After a few years -- after Sydney confides her lifestyle to her boyfriend, the evil head of SD-6 -- Arvin Sloan, has him killed. Sydney learns that SD-6 is part of a rogue international agency called the Alliance of 12, out to rule the world. She becomes a double agent, working with the real CIA to bring down SD-6 with the assistance of her handler, Michael Vaughn, and her estranged father Jack Bristow -- also a double agent. Along the way, Sydney fights various rival agents, rival terrorist groups, and traitors all the while keeping her cloak-and-dagger lifestyle a secret from her friends. (Season 1)
Main Cast
N/AAmy Acker
as Kelly Peyton [S 5]
N/ABalthazar Getty
as Thomas Grace [S 5]
N/ABradley Cooper
as Will Tippin [S 1-2]
N/ACarl Lumbly
as Marcus Dixon [S 1-5]
N/ADavid Anders
as Julian Sark [S 2-3]
N/AÉlodie Bouchez
as Renée Rienne [S 5]
© Greg GrunbergGreg Grunberg
as Eric Weiss [S 3-4]
Buy at Art.comJennifer Garner
as Sydney Bristow [S 1-5]
N/AKevin Weisman
as Marshall Flinkman [S 1-5]
N/ALena Olin
as Irina Derevko [S 2]
N/AMelissa George
as Lauren Reed [S 3]
N/AMerrin Dungey
as Francine "Francie" Calfo [S 1-2]
N/AMía Maestro
as Nadia Santos [S 4]
© Robert TrachtenbergMichael Vartan
as Michael Vaughn [S 1-5]
N/ARachel Nichols
as Rachel Gibson [S 5]
N/ARon Rifkin
as Arvin Sloane [S 1-5]
N/AVictor Garber
as Jack Bristow [S 1-5]
Recurring Cast
Terry O'Quinn as F.B.I. Special Officer Kendall [S 1-3] (18)
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss [S 1-5] (12)
David Anders as Julian Sark [S 1-5] (11)
Patricia Wettig as Dr. Judy Barnett [S 1-3] (11)
Amy Irving as Emily Sloane [S 1-4] (9)
James Handy as C.I.A. Director Devlin [S 1-5] (9)
Mía Maestro as Nadia Santos [S 3-5] (9)
Amanda Foreman as Carrie Bowman [S 2-5] (8)
Gina Torres as Anna Espinosa [S 1-5] (7)
Sarah Shahi as Jenny [S 1] (7)

Premiered on Network:

Genres: Action / Adventure / Mystery / Thriller

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins


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ArtistAlbumSong TitleStart/Stop Scene 
1x01 - Truth Be Told:
The Stereo MCsDeep Down & Dirty
The Stereo MCs, Deep Down, Sofisticated
(TV)  Sydney in the garage scene. 
Vertical HorizonEverything You Want
You're A God
Vertical Horizon, Everything You Want, You\'re A God
00:02:06 - 00:03:14 (DVD) Before Danny proposes. 
GusWord of Mouth Parade
Goin' Our Way
00:04:01 - 00:05:20 (DVD) Sydney and Francine talk about the engagement. 
Supreme Beings of LeisureSupreme Beings of Leisure
Under The Gun
Supreme Beings of Leisure, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Under The Gun
00:06:44 - 00:08:40 (DVD) Sydney arrives at SD-6 
The CranberriesWake Up and Smell the Coffee
Never Grow Old
The Cranberries, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Never Grow Old
00:13:25 - 00:15:06 (DVD) Sydney and Danny at home. 
Cat Stevens 
Cat  Stevens, , Trouble
00:17:01 - 00:19:38 (DVD) Sydney remembering her recruitment. 
Peter GabrielHit
Here Comes The Flood
Peter  Gabriel, Hit, Here Comes The Flood
00:34:25 - 00:37:11 (DVD) During the funeral. 
Sinéad O'ConnorFaith and Courage
No Man's Woman
Sinéad  O\'Connor, Faith and Courage, No Man\'s Woman
00:55:23 - 00:56:55 (DVD) Sydney delivers the artifact to Sloan. 
Vertical HorizonEverything You Want
Give You Back
Vertical Horizon, Everything You Want, Give You Back
00:59:33 - 01:02:56 (DVD) At the end of the episode. 
1x02 - So It Begins:
Roland GiftRoland Gift
Looking For a Friend
00:08:49 - 00:10:05 (DVD) Sydney moving in. 
Kate BushThe Sensual World
This Woman's Work
Kate  Bush, The Sensual World, This Woman\'s Work
00:28:08 - 00:29:25 (DVD) Sydney coming home. 
1x03 - Parity:
Bill BonkEveningshade
Rings A Bell
Bill  Bonk, Eveningshade, Rings A Bell
00:04:04 - 00:06:19 (DVD) Sydney and Francie talk about Sydney's dad. 
Miranda Lee RichardsThe Herethereafter
The Beginner
00:11:04 - 00:12:02 (DVD) Sydney and Will on the phone at her home. 
Spookie Daly PrideMarshmallow Pie
Go Get It
Spookie Daly Pride, Marshmallow Pie, Go Get It
00:26:47 - 00:28:36 (DVD) During the poker game at Sydney's. 
Ryan AdamsGold
La Cienga Just Smiled
Ryan  Adams, Gold, La Cienga Just Smiled
00:28:36 - 00:31:03 (DVD) Sydney and Will kiss. 
1x04 - A Broken Heart:
Nina StoreyShades
If I Were An Angel
Nina  Storey, Shades, If I Were An Angel
00:09:32 - 00:10:24 (DVD) Sydney and Francie eat Chinese food. 
Bill BonkEveningshade
Halfway Home
Bill  Bonk, Eveningshade, Halfway Home
00:12:08 - 00:12:42 (DVD) Sydney talks to Will. 
Sarah McLachlanSurfacing
Sarah  McLachlan, Surfacing, Angel
00:30:08 - 00:34:17 (DVD) Sydney is stood up by her father and talks to Vaughn 
1x05 - Doppelgänger:
John Wesley HardingConfessions of St. Ace
I'm Wrong About Everything
John Wesley Harding, Confessions of St. Ace, I\'m Wrong About Everything
00:21:38 - 00:22:53 (DVD) Will & Francie plan their Halloween party. 
FreestylersPressure Point
Get Down Massive
Freestylers, Pressure Point, Get Down Massive
00:26:24 - 00:27:53 (DVD) Sydney and Dixon talk at the party. 
Trans Am
Leroy, Leroy, Trans Am
00:27:53 - 00:29:06 (DVD) Francie and Will talk at the party. 
1x06 - Reckoning:
Going, Going, Gone
Stars, Nightsongs, Going Going Gone
00:04:16 - 00:06:42 (DVD) Sydney is looking at old photos and Francie comes home. 
GarbageWhen I Grow Up
00:20:05 - 00:21:44 (DVD) Sydney and Dixon at the art gallery. 
HuffamooseI Wanna Be Your Pants
Zero Hours A Week
00:26:53 - 00:28:27 (DVD) At the club waiting for Charlie to perform. 
Lisbeth ScottState of Grace
Be Still My Soul...
Lisbeth  Scott, State of Grace, Be Still My Soul...
00:35:56 - 00:37:38 (DVD) At the funeral 
1x07 - Color-Blind:
The PretendersPretenders
The Wait
The Pretenders, Pretenders, The Wait
00:19:28 - 00:20:12 (DVD) Sydney and Shepard leave the asylum 
JudeKing of Yesterday
Everything's All Right (I Think It's Time)
Jude, King of Yesterday, Everything\'s All Right (I Think It\'s Time)
00:31:19 - 00:34:42 (DVD) During Thanksgiving dinner. 
Natalie MerchantMotherland
Not In This Life
Natalie  Merchant, Motherland, Not In This Life
00:39:20 - 00:41:40 (DVD) At the end of the episode. 
1x08 - Time Will Tell:
IvyLong Distance
Edge Of The Ocean
Ivy, Long Distance, Edge Of The Ocean
00:14:46 - 00:16:51 (DVD) Will visits Sydney while she works on her paper. 
1x09 - Mea Culpa:
Smash MouthAstro Lounge
Diggin' Your Scene
Smash Mouth, Astro Lounge, Diggin\' Your Scene
00:19:16 - 00:21:12 (DVD) Sydney at the party in Tuscany. 
MunkafustWelcome to Playtime
Sacred Way
Munkafust, Welcome to Playtime, Sacred Way
00:24:26 - 00:24:38 (DVD) Jack talks to Marshall. 
Duncan SheikDuncan Sheik
Out of Order
Duncan  Sheik, Duncan Sheik, Out of Order
00:31:01 - 00:32:18 (DVD) Sydney and Francie talking about wedding dress shopping. 
1x10 - Spirit:
Klyph Black 
Santa's Dilemma
00:11:37 - 00:13:09 (DVD) During the Boggle game. 
ThunderballScorpio Rising
Thunderball, Scorpio Rising, Domino
00:17:45 - 00:18:58 (DVD) Sydney at the hotel. 
Freedy JohnstonRight Between the Promises
Love Grows
Freedy  Johnston, Right Between the Promises, Love Grows
00:30:39 - 00:31:41 (DVD) Will asks about Vaughn's gift to Sydney. 
1x11 - The Confession:
DJ TeebeeThrough The Eyes Of A Scorpion
Rave Alarm
DJ Teebee, Through The Eyes Of A Scorpion, Rave Alarm
00:24:02 - 00:25:43 (DVD) Sydney and Dixon at the club. 
StingLet Your Soul Be Your Pilot
Someone to Watch Over Me
Sting, Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot, Someone to Watch Over Me
00:29:50 - 00:31:41 (DVD) Sydney cries at Will's house. 
1x12 - The Box (Part 1):
EnyaShepherd Moons
How Can I Keep From Singing?
Enya, Shepherd Moons, How Can I Keep From Singing?
00:02:23 - 00:04:31 (DVD) Sydney tries to deal with the truth about her mother. 
Rob ZombieAmerican Made Music to Strip By
Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare Mix)
Rob  Zombie, American Made Music to Strip By, Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare Mix)
00:07:56 - 00:08:41 (DVD) Cole takes over SD-6. 
Oscillatios vs Mukunga Umburu 
Bad Girls Go To Hell
00:40:21 - 00:41:30 (DVD) Cole and his team run to the vault. 
1x13 - The Box (2):
Jesse HarrisCrooked Lines
00:15:52 - 00:17:53 (DVD) Will tells Francie about the story he is writing. 
Fleetwood MacRumours
Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, Songbird
00:40:01 - 00:42:54 (DVD) At the end of the episode. 
1x14 - The Coup:
Norah JonesCome Away with Me
Shoot the Moon
Norah  Jones, Come Away with Me, Shoot the Moon
00:09:06 - 00:11:13 (DVD) Francie and Charly tell Sydney they plan to go to Vegas. 
Chantal KreviazukUnder These Rocks and Stones
Green Apples
Chantal  Kreviazuk, Under These Rocks and Stones, Green Apples
00:35:49 - 00:37:40 (DVD) Sydney comforts Francie. 
1x15 - Page 47:
John MayerRoom for Squares
No Such Thing
John  Mayer, Room for Squares, No Such Thing
00:03:32 - 00:04:56 (DVD) Jenny and Will talk about the award. 
Smashing PumpkinsPisces Iscariot
Smashing Pumpkins, Pisces Iscariot, Landslide
00:07:32 - 00:09:17 (DVD) Sydney and Francie take their rings off. 
Abra Moore 
00:23:05 - 00:23:33 (DVD) Emily calls Sydney to invite to come over for dinner. 
Norah JonesCome Away with Me
Feelin' The Same Way
Norah  Jones, Come Away with Me, Feelin\' The Same Way
00:27:04 - 00:27:58 (DVD) Francie reads her thank you letter to Sydney. 
1x16 - The Prophecy:
Bill BonkSpaghetti Western
World Gone Mad
Bill  Bonk, Spaghetti Western, World Gone Mad
00:11:21 - 00:12:17 (DVD) Sydney tells Will and Francie about a dream she had about a fortune teller. 
Feels Like Home
00:28:23 - 00:29:02 (DVD) Francie getting ready for the basketball game with Will. 
The HivesVeni Vidi Vicious
Hate To Say I Told You So
The Hives, Veni Vidi Vicious, Hate To Say I Told You So
00:31:14 - 00:32:47 (DVD) Sydney and Vaughn break into the Vatican. 
Mint RoyaleOn the Ropes
From Rusholme With Love
Mint Royale, On the Ropes, From Rusholme With Love
00:39:21 - 00:41:01 (DVD) Sydney meets Will and Francie at the bar. 
1x17 - Q & A:
Smash MouthAstro Lounge
Diggin' Your Scene
Smash Mouth, Astro Lounge, Diggin\' Your Scene
00:28:52 - 00:30:02 (DVD) Sydney's mission recap. 
1x18 - Masquerade:
Anonymous 4 
Plus Bele Que Flor...
Anonymous 4, , Plus Bele Que Flor...
00:02:20 - 00:04:13 (DVD) Sydney climbing Mount Subasio. 
Gigolo AuntsPacific Ocean Blues
Lay Your Weary Body Down
Gigolo Aunts, Pacific Ocean Blues, Lay Your Weary Body Down
00:10:42 - 00:11:23 (DVD) Will, Francie and Sydney during breakfast. 
DovesLost Souls
Break Me Gently
Doves, Lost Souls, Break Me Gently
00:27:55 - 00:30:17 (DVD) Sydney and Noah talk. 
Depeche ModeExciter
Dream On
Depeche Mode, Exciter, Dream On
00:39:30 - 00:42:38 (DVD) Sydney and Noah in the cabin at the end of the episode. 
1x19 - Snowman:
Matt BecklerMatt Beckler
From The Summer
00:06:32 - 00:07:31 (DVD) Will and Francie discuss how to confront Sydney. 
Jeff BuckleyGrace
Lover, You Should've Come Over
Jeff  Buckley, Grace, Lover, You Should\'ve Come Over
00:20:24 - 00:22:00 (DVD) Sydney and her father talk without words. 
Paul OakenfoldBunkka
Ready, Steady, Go
Paul  Oakenfold, Bunkka, Ready, Steady, Go
00:23:25 - 00:27:18 (DVD) Marshall demonstrates his active noise control gadget and during the mission. 
There's Something Better
00:30:38 - 00:31:09 (DVD) Sydney feels bad she had to lie to Will and Francie again. 
Gigolo AuntsPacific Ocean Blues
My Favorite Regret
Gigolo Aunts, Pacific Ocean Blues, My Favorite Regret
00:35:57 - 00:37:31 (DVD) Noah calls Sydney from the plane. 
1x20 - The Solution:
Coming Down
00:20:55 - 00:21:04 (DVD) Will tells his story to Abby. 
Alison KraussNew Favorite
I'm Gone
Alison  Krauss, New Favorite, I\'m Gone
00:25:52 - 00:27:45 (DVD) Sydney tells Francie she slept with Noah. 
1x21 - Rendezvous:
JacinthaAutumn Leaves: The Songs of Johnny Mercer
Autumn Leaves
Jacintha, Autumn Leaves: The Songs of Johnny Mercer, Autumn Leaves
00:22:09 - 00:22:18 (DVD) Sark at Khasinau's club. 
Jennifer Garner 
Since I Fell For You
00:24:16 - 00:26:31 (DVD) Sydney singing at the nightclub. 
Maren OrdWaiting
Just Like You
Maren  Ord, Waiting, Just Like You
00:37:52 - 00:40:02 (DVD) Will and Sydney at the safehouse. 
1x22 - Almost Thirty Years:
Natalie MerchantOphelia
My Skin
Natalie  Merchant, Ophelia, My Skin
00:08:04 - 00:09:49 (DVD) Sloane tells Emily that SD-6 is not part of the CIA. 
Miriam Gauci 
Canzone Del Salce (Verdi's Otello)
00:31:32 - 00:33:05 (DVD) Sloane poisons Emily's wine. 
The Chemical BrothersSurrender
The Chemical Brothers, Surrender, Music:Response
00:33:05 - 00:34:16 (DVD) Sydney and Vaughn at the club in Taipei. 
OverseerEverything Louder Than Everything Else
Overseer, Everything Louder Than Everything Else, Supermoves
00:38:53 - 00:39:54 (DVD) Sydney and Vaughn trying to escape from the lab. 
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