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The Amazing Race Canada

2013- Fate To Be Determined
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Show Summary
The race takes place right here within the borders of Canada! There will be potential stops in all 10 provinces and three territories, criss-crossing up to 9,000 kilometres. THE AMAZING RACE CANADA will provide a complementary take on the original series, with competitors discovering the world within the borders of Canada.

THE AMAZING RACE CANADA will be different in that it will explore the divergent topography and disparate locales that Canada already provides, from Vancouver Island’s tropical rainforest, Alberta’s parched Badlands, the peaks of the Rockies, and the barren tundra of the Great White North, to the Boreal forests of Ontario and Quebec, the sea-faring ports of the Maritimes, the fjords of Newfoundland, and the teeming metropolises and undiscovered towns in between.

Thousands of teams entered, but only one team will run away with the historic grand prize for “The Amazing Race Canada.” Including a $250,000 cash payout, the prized also features the opportunity to fly free for a year for two anywhere Air Canada flies worldwide (175 destinations) in Executive First Class (based on 10 trips for two), and two 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays. In total, the prize is valued at 167,224 hockey pucks, 178,572 cans of beer, and 33,356 half-litre jars of pure Canadian maple syrup.

Premiered on Network:
CityTV in CA

Genres: Reality-TV

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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