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Baboons with Bill Bailey

2011-2011 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Cape Town in South Africa is home to some unique baboon families. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Table Mountain, this new series for ITV1 follows their stories as they struggle to survive in this busy and exotic urban landscape.

Bill Bailey brings his natural enthusiasm for the subject, and with warmth and wit he reveals the intricacies of life for these fascinating and endearing primates. Bill introduces us to three different families of baboons which he describes as: “The highway robbers of the Smitz troop, the rustic rascals the Tokai troop and the urbanites of Da Gama.”

The series provides a unique insight into the lives of these intelligent, complicated primates, with incredible, candid footage of their daily lives.
Main Cast
N/ABill Bailey
as (presenter) [S 1]

Premiered on Network:
ITV1 in UK

Genres: Documentary / Nature

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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1x01 - Whale of a Time:
Comedian Bill Bailey presents a new series about the baboons which live just south of Cape Town in South Africa. In the first programme, Bill introduces the mischievous Smitz troop. Living on the coastline, they have their eyes on the food and belongings of unwary tourists. Lurking in the bushes is a criminal mastermind - Merlin, the Fagin of the roadside, plotting his next heist. When whale-watchers flock to view magnificent marine mammals from the lay-bys, the brainy baboons are quick to break  [...] (More)
1x02 - Attack of the Urbanites:
Bill Bailey presents his fascinating and hilarious series about the baboons which live just south of Cape Town in South Africa. In this episode, Bill introduces the Da Gama troop, who inhabit the urban jungle of the Cape Town suburbs and can often be found wreaking havoc on the nearby naval base. Every morning, these mischievous apes use the town like a giant playground. Given the chance, they will loot and pillage, but there is one thing that can thwart their plans - baboon monitors, a team of  [...] (More)
1x03 - Fatal Attraction:
The mischievous Smitz troop have their eyes on the food and belongings of unwary tourists.
1x04 - Episode 4:
Living in the midst of a town, the Da Gama troop make a fine living off their human neighbours, going through the bins or even snatching food from open windows - but there is one day that defines their calendar. Wednesday is bin day, and when the wheelie bins go out, the troop begins an ultimate treasure hunt - but can they eat their fill before the bin men arrive?
1x05 - Load Of Rubbish:
When fishermen arrive to unload their boats, they get carried away with the size of their catch and forget something important - they are in Smitz troop territory, and their cars are targets for a determined and thieving band of baboons. Plus a sports ground deep in the Tokai forest is taken over by the furry funsters - get ready for the Baboon Olympics!
1x06 - Gate Crashers:
Wily male baboon Merlin plans the raid of his life while the rest of the troop chill out in a paddling pool and overweight gangster Jimmy trashes a vegetable garden.
1x07 - Turf War:
In this episode, trouble is brewing on the coast road. The road is home to the Smitz troop, but it looks as though the neighbours - and their huge leader - are moving in. Will Fred be able to count on the males in his troop to back him up and defend their home? Meanwhile, Tokai newcomer Clint has found himself a girlfriend, but it is the Da Gama troop which gets to go for a posh dinner - when they break into a kitchen for an Italian meal.
1x08 - Baby Boom:
In the Smitz troop, old boy Merlin makes his biggest raid yet while the rest of his gang enjoy a day at the beach. The Tokai troop welcomes three babies whom every baboon in the family is desperate to meet. But is there trouble brewing in paradise? Plus, thanks to a team of baboon bouncers, it looks as though both the primates and people of the town of Da Gama will finally get some peace.
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