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Bad Girls

1999-2006 Ended/Cancelled
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Step inside HMP Larkhall and meet the women of G-Wing, who've committed various offences that range from shoplifting to murder. Bad Girls shows what life is like for these women in the 'inside world' and also shows the real-life problems (and maybe behaviour!) of the officers who watch them!

Premiered on Network:
ITV1 in UK

Genres: Crime / Drama

Language: english


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8x01 - Episode 1:
Governor Joy Masterton is disgusted when her new deputy, Lou Stoke turns up for her first day at Larkhall reeking of booze and the worse for wear. A new inmate arrives - Emira Al Jahani, the wife of a suspected terrorist bomber. The girls treat her with contempt, but Natalie discovers that she's a chemistry student and has soon bullied her into constructing a drugs laboratory. The others jump to the conclusion that Emira is planning a chemical attack.
8x02 - Episode 2:
Janine has a surprise visit from her father but he is the bearer of bad news - her mother has died of a heart attack and even worse, he’s blaming her. Meanwhile Donny is under pressure from the police – if he is going to be their secret liaison officer, he had better find out sharpish where Emira’s husband is hiding
8x03 - Episode 3:
Natalie vows to take revenge on Pat for the drug smuggling fiasco and Donny Kimber comes under pressure from the police to find out where Emira's terrorist husband is hiding. Bev's new cellmate Angela Robbins (Annette Badland) proves to be a dab hand on the domestic front and the sexual tension between Deputy Governor Lou Stoke and Dr Rowan Dunlop reaches boiling point.
8x04 - Episode 4:
Joy Masterton is suitably impressed by new inmate Stella Gough's determination to join the army and sets up a scheme for the girls to get fit. Donny wins Janine round and persuades her to undergo counselling to cope with her bereavement and drug dependency, but Lou keeps Rowan guessing as the mystery of her double life at the lap-dancing club deepens.
8x05 - Episode 5:
Joy is left reeling by the discovery that Stella is her daughter, but rather than try to make up for lost time she attempts to have the inmate transferred to another prison. Meanwhile, Pat hatches a plan to get rid of Natalie forever after she discovers that she used children to get drugs into the prison. Lou experiences a change of heart, asking Rowan Dunlop out on a date and Donny Kimber and Janine take the opportunity to get a little closer.
8x06 - Episode 6:
G-Wing is buzzing with excitement, Julie S can’t wait to see her son David and meet his bride to be. Pat Kerrigan is excited too – at the prospect of being rid of Natalie Buxton for ever. Wing Governor Lou Stoke is looking after her drug addict sister Vicky following her suicide attempt. Phyl and Bev are overjoyed when their delivery of alcoholic fruit arrives. Janine Nebeski starts receiving mysterious love letters. And since her daughter showed up, Joy has taken to drink.
8x07 - Episode 7:
The national news is reporting that Natalie Buxton has escaped from Larkhall and the inmates of G-Wing could not be happier - with the exception of Pat Kerrigan who is wondering what to do with the body. Security has been stepped up and Phyl and Bev can't smuggle in any alcohol, so they revert to blackmailing Dr Dunlop. It's the day of Tina's court appearance and she's hoping to be sent back to prison, but the judge releases her. Pat has to confess the truth to the two Julies. Sylvia has a date.
8x08 - Episode 8:
Tina's bungled bank raid brings her back to Larkhall after all, where the inmates of G Wing are enthusiastically rehearsing for a Prison Idol talent contest, though their new music teacher - Lou's drug addict sister Vicky - is more interested in the contents of Rowan Dunlop's medicine cabinet. Janine is desperate for more time alone with Donny Kimber and Pat is desperate to dispose of the body she's hidden in a tumble dryer in the laundry.
8x09 - Episode 9:
Lou is glowing after the surprise proposal from Doctor Rowan, unaware he has no intention of divorcing his wife. She asks her sister Vicky to be bridesmaid and she reluctantly agrees despite knowing the truth about Rowan. Vicky is so desperate for him to continue to supply her drugs she is keeping the truth from her sister, but when she begins to demand stronger drugs, Rowan realises that he may have bitten off more than he can chew.
8x10 - Episode 10:
TV celebrity designer Catherine Earlham arrives in Larkhall after embezzling money from a pension fund and promptly gets the inmates scrubbing the place clean for an `at home' makeover feature. Darlene falls under the spell of the star prisoner but Costa cons Phyl and Bev fall out over her and new wing governor Bodybag Hollamby's efforts to make her mark on the place pale into insignificance. Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield guest star as themselves.
Special - Bad Girls - Christmas Special:
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